About My Practice

My work is eclectic, informed by a variety of psychotherapy approaches including Interpersonal, Transactional Analysis, Modern Analytic, Systems, Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Cognitive-Behavioral and Gestalt. I work with individuals, couples and in groups to help my clients move in new directions and to explore new ways of interacting with themselves and others.

When you initially begin working with me, you can expect that we will have a few sessions of information gathering: current symptoms that brought you into therapy, personal history, family history, goals and expectations.

Being in therapy is sometimes a challenging process. I will strive to help you verbalize your thoughts and feelings about what happens in your life, as well as what happens between you and me in our evolving relationship. This will help you to have a better understanding of your relationships with others in your life.

At times this process will feel supportive, helpful, and caring. At other times you may feel frustrated, disappointed, angry or bored. The challenge will be to learn from whatever happens in this experience and to move toward the goals we have worked together to define for you.

I utilize individual, couples (partners, parent/child, etc.) and group work, and may suggest any of these formats to you at different times. We will work in partnership to design the plan that will achieve the best results for you.