Group Psychotherapy

Group is a place to learn about yourself from your own and others' responses and interactions. As a group member, you will have the opportunity to develop insight on at least four different levels: how I am seen by others, what I do with others, why I do what I do with others, and how I got to be the way I am.  

Your success depends upon regular attendance and open expression of feelings. Each group member must develop a willingness to say what she feels about anything, even if it's not "polite" or "proper." The process of change is slow and the rate of change differs for each member. This may be frustrating for you at times. It is important that each member feels free to express frustration and other negative feelings as well as triumphs and positive experiences. 

Friendships outside of group are discouraged. If members become "social friends" then they are less free to express themselves objectively in group, and if members do have contact outside of the group, they are responsible for bringing the content of the contact to the next group meeting. It is my responsibility to provide protection and structure so that the group can be a safe place for the members to communicate openly. I do not accept “friend” requests from clients on Facebook or any other form of social media and I discourage this activity among group members.

There will be no set agenda or formal structure to the group meetings. Ultimately it is for the group members to decide what to talk about, and part of therapy is to understand your contribution to the way the group develops.

Group is a place to understand yourself better, to learn more effective ways to deal with yourself and with others and to practice these new ways often enough in a confidential supervised setting so that they become natural. Much of the value of your total group experience will come not from getting the "answer" to your problems but from experiencing the group itself. A lot depends on what you put into the experience. 

Attendance in group

In order to maintain your space in a group, you are financially responsible for all group sessions whether or not you attend and regardless of advanced notice or reason for absence. This is necessary for the optimal functioning of the group. You are encouraged to let the group know of any anticipated absence as soon as possible.


Payment is requested at each session unless other arrangements have been made. At this time the fee for group treatment (1 1/2 hour session) is $55.00. Rates may be adjusted periodically. You may be able to obtain some reimbursement from your insurance company, and I will be glad to cooperate with you in completing the necessary forms.

Ending group membership

Group membership requires that you agree to give a minimum of at least three weeks' advanced notice of termination. That is, you give notice in a group and attend at least two subsequent sessions to allow working through of any feelings which you or other group members may have about your leaving.