Individual Psychotherapy or Counseling

Psychotherapy consists of a cooperative relationship, a partnership between the therapist and the client. You and I will work together, focused on helping you to understand yourself better, learn ways to improve your relationships with others, take better care of yourself and meet your personal goals.

Clients come to see me for a variety of reasons. You may come for relief of emotional pain you are experiencing as a result of relationship difficulties, loss or illness. You may have experienced a recent or past trauma that you want to resolve and from which you want to find healing. Symptoms may take the form of depression, anxiety, self-defeating or destructive behavior, unfulfilled relationships and/or employment difficulty. Some clients come into therapy purely because they are looking for personal growth and self-development.

My work is eclectic, informed by a variety of psychotherapy approaches. I may at times use various approaches, depending on what we determine your goals and needs are.

My goal will be to work in partnership with you to explore your desires and motivations. Although I may make suggestions and guide the process, the way we approach your problems will depend on what makes sense to both you and me, as well as on how our work progresses. Because we will work as a team, honest feedback to each other will be essential. If you are honest, open and willing to explore, we can develop an approach together that draws on my experience and fits for you.

Please see my pages describing my policies and fees for further information.