Relationship Counseling

If you are experiencing relationship challenges, counseling and/or therapy could help you and your partner develop improved communication and a more satisfying partnership. You may be looking for help with a romantic partner, roommate, sibling, parent or a child.  

I have extensive experience working with couples and dyads around:       

  • struggles with roles and relationships
  • adjustment to parenthood
  • balancing work and family life
  • communication problems
  • sexual difficulties
  • coping with severe, chronic and life threatening illnesses
  • addressing the needs of aging parents

I provide counseling for parents and their children (older teenagers through adults) who want to work on their relationships together.

My work is eclectic, informed by a variety of psychotherapy approaches, and I utilize the theories and methods that seem most appropriate, depending on the needs of the individuals and the couple.

Please see my pages describing my policies and fees for further information.